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The Button-Lok Installation Kit
includes the items required to “shoot” and proof-test the Headed Anchors. Detailed instruction for use of each item can be found in the “Button-Lok Installation Procedures” section of this site. All items listed below can be ordered as a kit at a discount price or can be ordered separately.

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1. Hydraulic Load Cell Tester (Model No. TBTW-10)
The Hydraulic Load Tester is used to calibrate the Torque Bridge Testing Tool & Torque Wrench to ensure that correct test loads are applied to Headed Anchors.
2. Torque Bridge Testing Tool (Model No. TB-10)
The Torque Bridge Testing Tool is used to apply the 10,000 lb test load to each Headed Anchor.
3. Bending Tool (Model No. BT-40)
The Bending Tool is used to apply the bend test to the 5 “test anchors” shot and tested prior to production welding.
4. Brass Footplate Template (Model No. FP-3)
The Brass Footplate Template attaches to the stud welding gun. It holds the ceramic ferrule in place and ensures proper positioning of the 2 Headed Anchors needed for each bracket.
5. Go No-Go Gauge (Model No. C-4)
The Go No-Go Gauge is used to ensure proper anchor penetration and strength, as well as, a secondary check to ensure correct positioning of the 2 Headed Anchors.
6. Adjustable/Audible Torque Wrench (Model No. SDR-150)
The Torque Wrench is calibrated and used with the Torque Bridge Testing Tool to apply the 10,000 lb. test load to each Headed Anchor.

Button-Lok Anchors (Weld Studs)

Model HT-1
Load Bearing Heat-Treated Headed Anchor (Model No. HT-1)
The Button-Lok Headed Anchor is specially heat treated to produce the correct strength and ductility for staging applications. Supplied with ceramic ferrule.
Deck Anchor (Model No. DA-1)
  The Button-Lok Deck Anchor is a threaded anchor used to attach the
Threaded Deck Stanchion (Model No. DS-3-42) to steel surfaces. Supplied with ceramic ferrule.
For Safety Reasons – The Button-Lok Model No. HT-1 Headed Anchor and DA-1 Deck Anchor are the only anchors or weld studs that are approved for use with Button-Lok Staging and Handrail Products. Use of any other anchors or weld studs could result in accident or injury and are strictly forbidden.

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