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Stanchions and Handrails
Universal Safety Stanchion

Telescoping Handrail

Handrail Connector

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Components for other types of handrail
The Button-Lok Staging System was designed to provide flexibility in the type of handrail used with our unique brackets. The Universal Safety Stanchion readily adapts for use with cable, pipe or wood handrail. All Button-Lok Staging Brackets can be custom ordered and modified to adapt to other sizes and types of stanchions

Pipe Rail Connector (Model No. PC-1)
The Pipe Rail Connector attaches to the Universal Safety Stanchion and allows for the installation of standard pipe or round tubular handrail.

Cable Handrail Holdback (HB-5)
The Cable Handrail Holdback secures cable handrail back to the side of any steel work surface whether it’s the side of a ship, a large tank or other type weldment. Simply shoot a Button-Lok Headed Anchor to the spot where the cable is to be attached. Open the scissor-like holdback, then close it around the anchor and it’s ready for the cable. Eliminates the costly practice of welding (and later removing) pads or washers to secure cable handrail.

Stanchion Stiffener (Model No. SS-C3)
The Stanchion stiffener can be used with Universal Safety Stanchions in cable handrail applications to help eliminate cable sag and improve stanchion rigidity.

Temporary Handrail
Button-Lok Temporary Handrail components provide safe handrail solutions for steel surfaces where the rapid erection of handrail is required to safeguard against fall hazards. All components are designed to be both installed and removed quickly. Ideal for applications where handrail must be installed and removed repeatedly.

Threaded Deck Stanchion (Model No. DS-3-42)
The Threaded Deck Stanchion can be installed to any flat steel surface in less than 1 minute. Using standard stud welding equipment, shoot a threaded stud to the surface and attach this stanchion by screwing it onto the stud. Similar to the Universal Safety Stanchion, this stanchion is optimally paired with Button-Lok Telescoping Handrail, but can be used with other handrail types as well. Meets or exceeds all OSHA standards including withstanding 200 lbs. of force applied in any direction. Use of this stanchion eliminates the time consuming method of welding angle or pipe type stanchions. And its heavy-duty construction allows it to be used over and over again.

Swivel Base Deck Stanchion (Model No. SW-42)
The Swivel Base Deck Stanchion is designed to provide handrail for steel surfaces that are sloped, inclined or gradually curved. The stanchion is connected to a swivel base that allows the stanchion to rotate from 0? to 90?. As the stanchion rotates it can be locked into place, thus providing a vertical support to attach handrail.

The stanchion is installed by shooting 2 Button-Lok Headed Anchors (Model No. HT-1). Simply stud weld the anchors to the surface and fit the stanchion base onto the anchors. The unit is locked into place using a stainless steel set screw. Installation time is less than 2 minutes.


Bolt-On Stanchion Support (Model No. BSS-2)
This stanchion support can be bolted onto steel or aluminum plate and provides the base for installing the Universal Safety Stanchion and Telescoping Handrail. Designed for the shipbuilding and heavy steel fabrication industries, the support has a wide opening, which allows it to clamp onto a wide range of plate thickness. To install, simply fit the support over the plate edge and secure it by tightening the 3 cup-point set screws. Next, attach the Universal Safety Stanchion onto one of the 2 posts. The posts are positioned at 90?, allowing you to attach the stanchion vertically on either vertical or horizontal plate.


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