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David J. Horen, the founder of Metal Products Specialists, has been involved in the marine and heavy fabrication industries since the mid-1950’s. Mr. Horen was well known in the industry for his innovative solutions for difficult production problems. His forte has always been in the creation of new methods and the design of new tools to increase production, while reducing costs. The Button-Lok Staging System was developed following a fatal staging accident at a leading U.S. shipyard in the late 1970’s. Mr. Horen knew there had to be a better way to stage large ships. The original idea was for a safer, proof-tested staging bracket. This was coupled with the notion to install the brackets using the latest stud welding technology. Together, the new design and new installation method led to the beginning of the Button-Lok Staging System. Button-Lok is now recognized as the standard of the U.S. marine industry.

Metal Products Specialists has manufactured and marketed the “Button-Lok” Staging System since 1981. It is the only system designed specifically for the unique applications of ship building and related marine industries. Using sound stud welding methods during installation, customers recognize “Button-Lok” as the fastest and most cost-effective staging system on the market. Each staging component exceeds all OSHA requirements, and there has never been a staging-related injury or failure of any kind. Our customers report dramatic reductions in staging costs while increasing the safety of the work environment for their employees. According to studies conducted by the U.S. Maritime Administration and the U.S. Navy, use of the Button-Lok System reduces staging costs by 83%, compared to traditional staging methods.

Metal Product Specialists also manufactures other innovative tools for riggers and shipfitters. Each tool is designed to reduce time while increasing safety. Tools such as the Adjustable Beam Clamp and 10-Ton Fairing Tool are used extensively throughout the industry among America’s leading shipbuilders, such as Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, and Atlantic Marine Group, among many others.

The team at Metal Products Specialists is committed to achieving our three primary goals:

To produce the safest tools and equipment on the market. We are dedicated to rigorous testing of our products during all phases of development and production. Safety does not stop when the product leaves our door. To ensure that our customer’s personnel are fully trained in use of our products, we offer on-site training and ongoing customer assistance.
To provide our customers with tools and equipment that will greatly reduce production time and costs. We know the industry and how the work is done. Using our many years of knowledge and experience, we are constantly looking for new ways and designs to accomplish jobs that will save time and money.
To provide the highest standards of service to our customers by doing whatever it takes to help them better achieve their goals.



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