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10 Ton Fairing Tool
Stud Mounted Strongback
Stud Mounted Beam Saddle Clamp
Metal Products Specialists has a long history of working with welders, shipfitters and other trade groups to develop innovative tools for fairing or aligning plates. Our fairing devices are designed to “Do the job better, safer and faster” than traditional tools and methods.

10 Ton Fairing Tool (Model No. FT-10)

This lightweight ergonomically designed fairing tool boasts a 10 ton pulling capacity. The tool is used with Button-Lok Headed Anchors (Model HT-1). The Headed Anchor is welded to the low plate approximately 1 ½” from the edge. The Fairing Tool is slipped onto the Headed Anchor, and then the tool’s jacking screw is rotated until both plates are aligned.

Additional Features:

  • Safety cable & hook prevents tool from falling during fairing process
  • Jacking screw is copper plated so that weld spatter will not adhere
  • Jacking screw can be ordered with a swivel pad to more effectively hold the tool in place while the screw is being rotated under load
  • Three sizes available for best fit between members (7”, 10” & 14” lengths)
  • Designed so that ceramic backing tape fits between jacking screw and headed anchor
Advantages as Reported By Customers:
  • Increased Production – Eliminates labor intensive dog & wedge fairing method
  • Increased Safety Environment – Eliminates 2 common “dog & wedge” safety hazards: No more “flying wedges” and no more dogs broken off from hammering too hard on wedges
  • Return on Investment – System pays for itself in 2 to 3 applications; continued usage results in bottom-line profits
  • Improved Accuracy Control – Allows for precise and accurate plate fairing
  • No stud welding equipment required - For Plate Fairing Applications ONLY Headed Anchors can be stick or mig welded
  • Compliments Automatic Welding Machines – Plates are aligned, tacked in place and studs are removed quickly and easily, expediting use of automatic welders

Stud Mounted Strongback (Model No. SB-24)
The Button-Lok Strongback fairs steel plate much quicker than conventional methods and can be used over and over again. It virtually eliminates all the welding and clean up typically required to fair plates using traditional strongbacks. The tool is designed for use with Headed Anchors (Model HT-1). The anchors can be “shot” with stud welding equipment or for plate fairing applications ONLY, the anchors can be stick or mig welded. First, the anchors are welded to the plate. The Strongback has 2 slotted grabs that fit onto the anchors. Using a wrench to tighten each grab, the plate is pulled into place. Because the Strongback is outfitted with 2 grabs, it is ideal for fairing both plates on either side of a seam.

Stud Mounted Beam Saddle Clamp (Model No. BSC-16)
Button-Lok Beam Saddle Clamps are used wherever fabricators need heavy clamping capabilities. The clamps are designed for shipbuilding and repair, large tank fabrication, bridge building heavy plate fabrication and plant construction. These portable, easy to use, high-speed clamps draw oversize material into position for welding, assembly or alignment procedures. They are typically used as a surface welding stiffener to secure beams to plate and eliminate gaps. The Saddle Clamp has a rugged steel construction and a capacity of 16,000 pounds.

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