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It's Fast, it's Safe, it's Time-Efficient and it dramatically Reduces Staging Costs.
Introduced in 1981, the Button-Lok Staging System is designed especially for the heavy steel fabrication industry. The staging brackets are ideally suited for construction and repair of ships, tanks, offshore drilling platforms, and other large steel structures.
It's Fast:   Two Minutes to install & proof-test staging brackets
It's Safe:   No failure, accident or injury ever reported
It's Time-Efficient:   83% reduction in staging man-hours according to U.S. Maritime and Navy studies
It Reduces Staging Costs:   Customers report saving millions of dollars


Button-Lok Fairing tools are innovative tools for fairing or aligning plates. These high capacity fairing tools are designed to “Do the job better, safer and faster” than traditional tools and methods.

These Adjustable Beam Clamps quickly mount to a wide range of beam sizes and are used for lifting or pulling. The integral hoist ring swivels 360° and pivots 180°.

Safe-Lift Manbaskets are high quality OSHA-compliant crane or derrick suspended personnel platforms.

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